As long as the mind has someplace to wander, it will. “Distraction is not a disease, it’s a symptom”, somewhere I read. Simply, you have a lot to care about. That is the disease, it said.

What is concentration? Focusing your mind on something. But what are you exactly focusing on? Suppose, you have a flashlight. And the region is your brain—information, memories, and emotions. You move the flashlight around the area, and whatever it illuminates is more visible. Everything else is out of the vision, but present. You keep going around the surroundings to get a better view of the subject. Representing the chain of thoughts. How connected things pop-up itself in our minds. Until you consciously decide on a new spot to lay your torch on. Is that why it is hard to focus on something you do not understand? Because how can you lighten the place that doesn’t exist?

But what is that flashlight and who is the seer? Who are you? The mind, the region? The flashlight? Or the owner of the flashlight? Who is the designer of the region? Our Fate or our Decisions?

Circumstances can land without our intent creating an impression on us, so of course it cannot always be a choice. So can a person be responsible for what he is? Or should he be responsible for what he decides to be? You cannot choose how the area grows, but as a torch bearer, you have the power of focus! That ultimately provides you the power to grow your own new space. Is it what Karma is?

Gone with the Wind?

Do the areas left unnoticed by the light for a long time just vanish? Or do we just lose the sense of direction to it? We find it difficult to recall memories not frequently revised. The things we consciously or subconsciously did not consider important. That fades slowly. Like a memory of an incident years ago. When someone mentions it after ages, we recall the memory of having that memory. Suddenly it pops back entirely. As vivid as it was. We relocate the address.

But how do we know we had a memory that is completely forgotten? Where does it go? Is it possible? How can you enlighten the place lost to the wind?

The Space and the Movement

Everywhere you can move around is SPACE. Where there is no space there is no such place. Whatever is, IS the universe. As the space expands, so does the universe. You cannot move into where there is no space. “MOVING” and “AROUND” are born out of space. (“What lies beyond” is not the topic today)

As long as the mind has someplace to wander, it will. As long as the owner desire to look into the matter of the region, it will roam around the city lighting up the houses like a man suffering from an existential crisis finding meaning by looking around everywhere. The more it looks, the more it creates. What will he look if there is no place? Where will he move if there is no space? Do we lack the power to turn off the torch, or are we wandering around the city, homeless, looking for the button? When it might be just a fingertip away. Does killing the light enlighten the torch-bearer?

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