Whose side are you on, Love or Knowledge?

When Shree Krishna left the Gopis and the people of Gokul, everyone was suffering in the pain of separation so, Lord Krishna insisted Uddhav to give the knowledge (Vedic-gyaan) to Gopis and convince all the people of Gokul to forget about him and move on in their lives.

Uddhva being the topmost gyaani said in pride “Obviously, I not only have the knowledge of Vedas, in-fact each verse of Ved is known to me by-heart.”


Krishna smiled and his smile is denoted by a small song which is-

“Yamuna tatt ko”,
“Vanshi vatt ko”,
“Mann ke hatt ko”,
“Mann ke hatt ko”,

“Radha ke naino ke neer ko”,
“Meera ki peer ko dheer”,

“Kanhaa ke naam ka Prem-piyush piya hai jiya hai, yahan sabne”

“Uddho ye to bata do ke”,
“Prem ke ranng pe”,
“Gyan ka ranng”,

Song Reference: Madhyam Saxena- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GjVhM4mgzoY


How will you explain the shores of Yamuna river,
How will you explain the Banyan tree under which I used to play my Flute,
How will you explain the stubbornness and unsteady mind,
O dear Uddhav how will you explain?

How will you explain the tears of my beloved Radha,
How will you explain the pain of separation of Meerabai,
O dear Uddhav how will you explain?

Everyone here has experienced and lived my Love for them!

O dear Uddhav please tell me, How will you overshadow the color of Love with the color of Knowledge!


Shree Meerabai was not born at that time but this song is just a way of representing the instant thought of Krishna on how Uddhav will confront Gopis and enlighten them with the Vedic-Gyaan because at the back of his mind Krishna knew gopis can even mock the highest state of “Knowledge” for the sake of “Love” for Krishna as they are themselves the “Richay of Ved”. Richa means the mantras of the Ved which were sung and told known as “Shruti”. So, they are not only the knower of Vedas infact they are the vedic-mantras or shlokas themselves.

I have written a seperate Blog on what happended when Uddhav confronted Gopis named “Myth and the Gopis”, you can checkout here.

Thank you for reading!
Remember to Love yourSELF.