Q1-(Asked by Kabandhin katyayna) From where does this universe originate and how?
Ans- Sage pippalada answers that in the beginning God created a duality named Rai- which is analoged with Maya and second is Praan which is Jeev. Then he created Hiranyagarbha who is Lord brahma for the further creation of this universe. Lord brahma got into a dilema that how he’ll create everything from nothing. So God gave his powers and the knowledge of Vedas which got appeared from the breath of Lord. Now Lord brahma got to know that this universe is not something which is to be created, he just have to make it appear. Jaise universe mahapralay ke pehle tha waise hi brahma ji ne prakat kar diya as “sansaar” is also aj as explained in the video of Maya. [P]

Q2-(Aksed by Bhargava Vaidarbhi) Who all are reciding in this body?, who all are enlightening it? who is the supreme among them?
Ans- Sage pippalada answers that the outer physical body is composed of 5 tatvas but inside there is gyan indriya, karm indirya, mann, buddhi, etc total of 19, in which the indra, agni, vaayu, etc devas reside. To explain who is the supreme among all sage pippalada explains this through a stroy that one day the devas inside the body had a quarell upon who is the supreme and without them this body cannot sustain but listening to this debate the soul tried to move out of the body which resulted in collapsing of all indriyas hence proving that soul is the supreme inside this body which is enlightening the whole body. [V]

Q3 (Asked by Kausalya Ashvalayan)- From where does this soul originate? How does this soul enter a body? If jeev is sookshm or very minute in size then how does it stay in the entire body and makes is lively? Further the question continues that how does this soul leave a body and after leaving how does it occupy the outside world?
Ans- He answers a soul is aj so it was not created but it originated from the “parmatma”. Soul entered through moordhanya and then Life appeared, just like a shadow only appears when there is light or mirror image only appears when there is a mirror so ,this pure chetanya jeev make the appearance of life when there is a body. Further he answers, it divides itself in 5 pranas through which it delivers itself in indriyas, mann, buddhi etc despite being minute or sookshma. Jeev is located in hridi or the heart of the body. Answering the last part he further says that from shushugna naadi this soul leaves the body which is a portal to diff dimensions so athe time of death jeev wraps up all the indriya, mann, buddhi and gets out of this shushugna naadi to the dimension assigned to it on the basis of karma and the last thoughts while dying. [P]

Q4 (Asked by Sauryayanin Gaargya) What sleeps during the sleep? What is that thing which is awake in the sleep that is not dying? What or who sees the dream during the sleep? Further he asks that During the deep sleep,  when not even dream is seen then what is awake which does not let this body die and where are the others accumulated?
Ans-  During the sleep all the senses including karm indriya and gyan indriya gets accumulated/aprakat back to mann. Further he explains that
Chetanya extends to Jeevan which further extends to mann and that mann when extended through various senses makes us hear, taste, smell, etc. So when the reverse procedure takes place is how all senses get “APRAKAT”.
Further he answers “PRAAN” is always awake whether it is a sleep or a deep sleep which is the reason why digestion, breathing, hair growth, etc still takes place but when we are in deep sleep the soul is in “APRAKAT” state and mann also gets accumulated in aanand but the reason of dreams is that sometimes that “mann” is only partially accumulated in anand which is the reason of dreams when we are not in a deep sleep . [V]

Q5 (Asked by shaibya satyakama) The one who meditates on OM attains what? Just like devotee of Krishna attains Golok, what is attained by the one who meditates on OM?
Ans: Sage pipplada gets impressed by this question as OM is an entity which cannot be understood easily so firstly he answers that it is very rare and hard for a person to think about Om. Chanting is easy but as the question is about meditating on Om which has a particular procedure and hence he first explains the procedure. Firstly, one has to stop thinking about the outside world and his own body. Then secondly one has to meditate and realise that “I am the OM” and has to continuously realize the self in this procedure which overall makes it hard and rare for a person to meditate on OM. Further he exlplains, that
the word OM is made up of 3 words A U M: which is analogous with “Jagrat” “Swapn” and “Sushukti” and beyond these 3 is the supreme personality of godhead. Wo Om ka source hote hue bhi uske beyond h. jaise god tamo rajo aur satva qualities ka source hote hue bhi wo in guno ke beyond h. Further he says jeev and parmatma both are OM, this is one of the similarities between jeev and parmatma. We can make a separate video on differences and similarities between them.
Now, this OM is formless form of the God jise Brahm bhi kehte h.
Further he answers very beautifully saying ki ya to God ke formless form which is OM pe meditate karke self ko jaan lo ya to sakaar roop pe meditate karke you can attain God. To jo Om is A matraa ki bhakti karta wo acha way of living paata h. Jo A aur U dono ki bhakti karta h wo som ya cgandra lok jise swarg bhi kehte h, waha jata h but still he has is still not freed from the birth cycle and has to take birth again. Finally jo A U M i.e jagrat swapn sushukti teeno par meditate krta goes to suryalok or bhramlok and is freed from all the birth cycles. [P]

Q6. (Asked by Sukeshan Bharadwaj) Asked the question in the form of story. He said one day the son of a king of kaushal desh came to me and asked do u know a “purush” who is famous by the same “shodash-kala purush”? He didn’t have an answer so here he’s asking sage pipplada that who is this “shodash-kala purush”?
Ans: Sage pipplada answers by saying that you have to go nowhere to know this sodasha kala purush as he recides within you and he is known as sodash kala becoz from him the sola or 16 qualities get generated, which are namely:
Praan(hiranyagarbha), shraddha, vaayu, jyoti, prithvi, aakash, jal, indriya, mann, ann, veerya, mantra, tapasya, karm, lokas, naam. [V]

info: prashnopanishad 3.6 says jeev lives in the heart hridi