The Myth

When we here Gopis, the first thought which comes in our mind is that they are mere lovers of Lord Krishna but what if I say that even Lord Brahma wants the blessings of Gopis and wishes of becoming a mere tree in Vrindavan so that he gets purified with the “Charan-dhooli”; dust of the feet; of Gopis. So let’s burst all the myths and see Who are these Gopis, jinki blessings Lord Brahma tak chahte h.

Gopis are considered as the “Richay” of the absolute Ved.

Richa means the mantras of the Ved which were sung and told. You can say that the Gopis are the human form of the branches and knowledge of the Vedas. For more knowledge of Ved; you can checkout our video.

The Story;

When Lord Krishna was away from gopis he said to Uddhava, as you are a Brahma-gyani, the one who attains to the formless form of God and have knowledge of all the Vedas, why don’t you visit the Gopis and teach them this gyan so that they overcome the pain of seperation from Lord Krishna and move on in thier lives.

When Uddhava confronted them they introduced themselves as the Richas of Ved. Uddhava mocked them thinking how can these illiterate women of a village be the Richas of Ved.

Gopis ignored with a smile and simply said to Uddhava:

“As you are the gyani of Vedas so, can we ask you some questions, will you be able to answer it?”
Uddhava in pride of his knowledge replied, I not only read the Vedas, I even remember all the shlokas and mantras of the absolute Ved.

The Question;

Now Gopis, ready to insult Uddhava by all means claimed that as it is mentioned in Ved that Brahm or Parmatma cannot be known, seen, heard or touched as he is not the subject of these material senses, so dear Uddhava why can he not be known and if he can be known can you tell us the way? Uddhava could not answer this question so Gopis helped him knowing the answer.

The Answer by Gopis;

They explained if a certain knowledge has a knowledge of God then God will be bound by that knowledge and that knowledge will become God, which is the reason why he cannot be known as he cannot be bounded by any knowledge.

Secondly, there is a way by which he can be known and that is when he lets himself know you by his grace. In simpler terms, you can know God when he himself tells you who he is and that is achieved by bhakti or by simply loving him. So one can see, hear, undertand or touch God when he gives his immaterial or “divya” senses by his grace.
Further Gopis explain that if one knows about brahm that is the formless form of God, one sees oneself everywhere, matlab ki wo khud ko har jagah dekhta h aur kisi ko dekhke unhe “illiterate women of a village” nahi kehta.

With this spicy taunt of Gopis, Uddhava realizes that he was wrong and they were indeed the actual richas of the Ved and requests Gopis to tell him the path through which he can know and gain the true love of God.

Gopis explained that Shri Krishna is the sakar roop and the complete form of the God and by surrendering unto him one can gain his Premanand which is even beyond the brahmagyan as explained in the video “The essence of Maya“, which is the reason why Gopis loved Lord Krishna unconditionally and we humans compare this generation’s immaterial love with the love of Radha for Lord krishna.

Uddhava surrendered to Gopis and Lord krishna instantly and gained the premanand of Lord Krishna. Yahi reason tha ki shri krisha ne uddhava ko gopion ke paas bheja ye keh ke ki ved ka gyan deke aao but actually he wanted Uddhava to know what is the real knowledge, this is called as the leela or the grace of lord.

Premanand is the highest anand which is beyond everything and the soul who attains this premanand becomes free of all birth cycles and cross all types of maya. This premanand according to Kripaluji Maharaj is “Pratikshan Vardhamanam”, which means the anand increases every fraction of time and that too for forever.


One doubt might appear in your mind that why didn’t Lord Krishna himself enlighten Uddhav? Why he played such an act so that Uddhav receives this knowledge from Gopis?.

So, it’s because Lord Krishna and Uddhava were very close friends and just imagine if Krishna says to him that I am the supreme lord, love me and surrender unto me, just think kitni gaaliya padti bhagwan ko kyuki Uddhava unke best friend the and aap sabhi ko pata h dost kaise replies dete jab aap unhe gyan dete ho. Hope this solves the doubt 🙂

Further, the reference of Gopis is in UddhavaGeeta where Lord Krishna in middle of some answer says to Uddhava that no devotee of mine can love me unconditionally as much as Gopis do. “I’ll always be in a debt for the love of theirs”, says the supreme Lord.

Hope, I cleared some myths which you might have regarding Gopis and will never compare the cheap love of this material world to the love of Gopis for Lord Krishna.

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