The Idea of Beyond and Beyond the Idea

"One who sees all beings in Self, and the Self in all beings, hates none."
- Isha Upanishad


The Essence of Maya; and is it our Enemy?

We launch with the most debated and quoted term in spirituality and religions; which is infamous and misrepresented Maya.

The Vedas and their origin

Ved & Shastra. A common term used in Indian Households to represent Dharmic and Spiritual areas.We place Vedas in the highest respect, yet do not understand their content and...

Prashna Upanishad; Six Metaphysical Questions

We all question reality; to ourselves, sometimes to others. However lost we are in the regular cycle, we all are ultimately seeking answers.


The Belief of India in Black Magic

The purpose of the survey was to let the viewer experience the colorful belief of the common public in India regarding occult experiences or Black Magic.

Asking Pune streets what is Ram to them on Diwali

In the Season of Diwali, we went on the roads and asked the public of Pune what Diwali means to them, how they celebrate it, the controversial issue of Crackers

Asking Pune if they believe in God!

This time on Diwali season itself, we asked the public of Pune, a bunch of spiritual and existential questions. We were amazed to capture their response.


Blogs can be a perfect way to express what you want to talk about Spirituality.

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Why Choose Aaठva

Aaठva is an initiative to promote the true essence of Spirituality through the sacred knowledge of Vedas & Upanishads. This project aims to spread spiritual knowledge, which people may want to apply in their day-to-day lives. People nowadays are mentally stressed and are always trying a way to get out of it. We believe that Spirituality can be a way for them to tackle all types of problems including depression. We do not claim to be superior in this domain and also are on a journey to explore the "True essence of Spirituality". We'll promote whatever knowledge we have with the help of AATHVA

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August 6, 2023

As long as the mind has someplace to wander, it will. “Distraction is not a disease, it’s a symptom”, somewhere I read. Simply, you have a lot to care

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